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  Oh shake it, shake your body 
Shake it, shake your body

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ArashiI'm half laughing at all of them half staring at Ninoin the second and fourth gif speciallyabout the choreo: after watching the reha I love itthey just danced with so much more energy there than in the actual PV imoooohh and one last thing: fans better scream SO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT during the conceert!!!!that would be the beest!!300 arashi


Okay so I do understand that everybody is talking about Take Off and Zero G, and how Love was still better and all of that, and I totally see your point and stuff, but…

WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT NINOS SOLO?! Like it´s so incredibly cute and mood-lifting and did I mention how cute it is? I´m so attracted to Ninos voice in this one I can´t even express it. I was expecting a ballad for some reason and then this happened?! And yes it´s a Christmas song, but it´s still awesome?!

His solo is exactly what I was hoping for!! <3 

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For a tiny moment I thought it was gonna be another ballad because of the piano at the beginningbut theeeen jdfkdjaljllthis song makes me so freaking happy cuz I absolutely love Christmas seasonand to have Nino sing a xmas song is like the best thingthnks for making a song I can blast during christmas ♥on a slightly side note... I still like Popcorn best out of the last 3 albums xDI DO HAVE TO MENTION THO THAT NINO'S Najimu koto naku taemanaku Yurete IN HOPE IN THE DARKNESS FUCKING MELTS MEEEhp amnos

How are you even friends with that little guy?

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Girl Meets WorldGMWFarkle MinkusLucas FriarBrOTPthis episode was so good;__;does everyone love Farkle now??

A ➟ Z - The Arashi Encyclopedia: ABC1C2DEFGH1H2IJKLMNO

The Olympics

[…] Following the 2004 theme song for the Athens Olympics, Hero, was Arashi’s Kaze no Mukou e. (©)

*Interview took place in 2009

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ArashiI wanted to higlight Sho as the newscaster as well but the gifset would look a little messy /:/so will make another one as a bonussecond font is too thin and not that readable in some gifs x--x sorry for thatI would change it but I didn't save the psd for Kaze no Mukou e...Also I will start adding a direct link to the source in the captions cuz I've noticed that the layout of some ppl arenot well designedsource and *original from* get mixed upor it doesn't have a link to source at alllet it not be say that I don't source or give credit to the original translatorsin this casetransitions101Lyric translation from Taijiproject and YarukizeroMegchan and SnakeRootarashi: a to z300 arashi


Nino @ Zero-G PV (short ver.)

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arashi reblog2nd gif2nd gif is my faaavvee
Just watched V6 Sky’s the limit PV

and hoping that Arashi will do dance on watery floor too someday. can I volunteer to be their PV director?

There is already Lucky Man xD

tho I wouldn’t oppose a new one ~~

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arashi reblogthis was so long ago anywayand Sky's the limit is just so cool ♥


This is me rn vv Its so hard to find audios for any Arashi song TT>TT The ultimate struggle of joining the fandom 15 years late lel I want to jam out to a bunch of their songs but sadly I can only jam out to Face Down. Which is a hella good song :’)


So if any arashi fans would like to be an angel and share their audio files with me, I would love you foreveerrrr!! Please help a fellow fan out :D

here for singles~

here for albums~

enjoy and don’t forget to thank hika86 (:

arashi reblog


On this day, three years ago, Donna and Tom introduced the world to “Treat Yo Self Day.”

Life has never been the same.

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today a treated myself some mcd french fries cuz I luuuuuuuuuv themParks and Recreationthat's the only thing I can do after classes lol
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arashihonestlythis is the most uncoordinated they have ever been loledit: fixed the timing x-x it was kinda slow in parsparts*300 arashi



It has been announced that Arashi and actress Yoshitaka Yuriko will host the 65th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. This will be the 5th consecutive year that Arashi will host the annual program, making the group the record holder for the no. of times they have hosted it. They were chosen because of their unwavering popularity as the group enters their 15th year. 

this gonna be interestiiiinnggggarashi rebloghaters gonna hate:3