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There~ xD hahah If you’re wondering why ducks, is bcuz it’s supposed to be my sister’s and my laptop (I’m the one who practically uses it all the time tho lol) so we decided on sth neutral

aahh and I’ve a ton of psds all over xD

Tagging who ever wants to do it P:

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and yes I'm working on the next sakurap (x3 more gifs and it's ready~if I had taken a screencap 5 days ago it would have been full of videos and gifsI'm trying to organize everything

Epic / Unforgettable Moments in Arashi’s History
in no particular order

Male Audience Only Live - Music Lovers Arashi SP [2010.08.22]
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arashiArashi Moments

Happy 7th birthday, Deathly Hallows!

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HP ϟ
Anonymous ASKED:
I love Miki's braids so much and I want to do that hairstyle too but I dont think I can do it by myself cause It's looks very complicated

If you’re talking about this one

Then, it’s not! I do it all the time and is really easy (:

here’s a tuto


The one I want to try is this one. It kinda looks like a loose version of a dutch braid …

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hp amnosI like braids lolShimomura MikiI doubt anon will get to read this but I'm answering it case anyone is interested P:Fairies


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released seven years ago - July 21, 2007.

HP ϟcries
stripedraccoon ASKED:
love love for u bb <3 <3 happy friendship day!!! (i'm still in time in my time zone 8D)

Happy Friendship Day tooo !! ♥♥! looooooooooooove youuuuu bb !!!!!


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it's 4pm here we're on time xDhp amnosstripedraccoon




Don’t some of you always call THIS gifset one of the best gifsets that were ever made in the Arashi fandom?


This is the original.

THIS is the REPOST by kazuneen.

Don’t support this! Don’t reblog from people who STEAL…

Let me clarifie:

Hello, I am so sorry before. But It seems there’s a misunderstanding between us, you didn’t see it clearly that I already added a source. I took those gifs from blog.naver - http://blog.naver.com/hongdora/220008771948 (so I thought the owner is from that blog). So don’t judge me as such a disrespectful person fellow (I am really not like that). Let me know if you still don’t like it, I’ll delete it. Once again, I sincerely apologize.

You cannot simply “state the source” and repost the whole gifset just like that. That’s not how it works. You’d have to ASK the original maker for permission, and you didn’t do that, now did you?

On top of that, why would you even want to repost (and that IS reposting!) a gifset that already IS on tumblr and is a FAMOUS gifset? Just reblog it from the original source! This is theft, no matter how you look at it. Do you see anyone on tumblr going around, saving gifs off of tumblr or any other site and just reposting them like that? No you don’t. Because that’s not what you do here, that’s RUDE and disrespectful. Take your post down and only post things as your own that you made yourself. As easy as that.

I want to add though, apparently if you didn’t do it with a bad intention, then as long as you delete your post things are good again. However you have to see that people who make a lot of gifs themselves (like me) just despise it whenever they see things being reposted. Take your post down and the issue can be closed, and as long as you don’t do it again I’ll personally forget about it and it’s okay because everyone makes mistakes (I don’t know about other people though but tumblr tends to forget fast).

And this teach us another lesson: just because you saw it on naver, twitter, we heart it (when is that shit going to dissapear ugh), or any other site (even weibo tbh), it doesn’t mean it’s from the original uploader. And how do we know if it’s the original? Well, sometimes we can’t and that’s why we just DON’T REPOST.


pd. I know this exchange happened hours ago already but I’m surprised it took so long for the post to be erased considering I sent her a message yesterday as soon as I saw it… maybe tumblr ate my ask…

last thing on this matter
                        ~ Happy Friendship Day! ~
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arashito all my fellow arashi fans (:and to all my friendsit's just a concidence than yesterday I spent a great time withringodreamsand other friend ♥I missed our McDonalds ~ meetings ~ LOLthere is always so much laughter ♥♥♥love your girls ♥also yes I didn't add the minna bcuz I didn't consider it to be necessary ... the meaning doesn't change anywayI hope I didn't mess up with the date format tho x-x300 arashi

So here is the original gifset  and is beautiful

Just so you know, if you see this post on the arashi tag or your dashboards, don’t reblog it because it’s a reupload….

Never reupload someone else’s work guys, never

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not I'm not mad about reuploaders pfff why would I be...arashi reblogI guess you're free to erase my comment bcuz srsly such a beautiful post shoulnd't have thse kind of comment..but on the other side people who follow you won't get the memois up to you tbh
ugh I can’t find that thing where arashi says their seating arrangement for different studios green room


does someone has it and could reblog it or point me to it please? or at least tell me which shiyagare episode they discused it?

I’ve found this post

and judging by the clothes (and the kanji in the right corner), it seems to be AnShi 22.05.10 with Nakayama Hideyuki.

I don’t have the episode but look on youku, I’m sure it’s there.

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hp amnosalexxasickarashi reblog